Friday, March 4, 2011

Hair bow holder {Tales from craft night}

Last night was craft night
with my friend Becky and my sister Erin.
We laughed, we cried (or maybe that was just baby Jocelyn),
we burned ourselves with hot glue.
Most importantly, we ate mozzerella cheese sticks.
In the end, we made these:

They are holders for our little girls' hair clips.
I know I've been needing something like this for a long time,
so I'm glad to finally have a cute holder
to keep these little guys organized.

Here is a closer view of the one I made:

It was super duper easy!
I just painted my wooden frame (5 cents at a garage sale!).
Then, I made a fabric rosette and little leaves out of felt to embellish the frame.
Finally, I hot glued the ribbon strips to the back of the frame.
There you have it!

Becky's did hers a little differently:

This one has a cardboard backing covered in fabric,
so her clips have a fun, decorative background!
I love it too!

Here's how Becky made hers:

 First, she hot-glued a piece of fabric onto a cardboard piece that fit inside her frame.

Then, she hot-glued ribbon pieces on, attaching on the back of the fabric-covered cardboard.

Next we did this.

And finally, we did this.

And, wah-la!

Wall art + hair clip holder!
I love multi-tasking!

{I realize that this project was so easy
that it really didn't require a step by step tutorial,
but we took the pics so I figured I'd go with it.}

Happy nesting!


Anonymous said...

so cute! martha says to always keep a bowl of ice water next to you when you are using a glue gun and we know martha knows best :). wish i could craft night with y'all.

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