Monday, March 21, 2011

The Name Game

I don't know about you,
but I can't help but give my child nicknames.
I mean, LOTS of nicknames.
The poor thing is probably so confused at this point
as to what her name really is.

As a way of remembering all of these nicknames,
I thought I'd do a little posty post about them.
After reading this:
You may think I'm silly. You may think I'm weird.
You would be right.

So here goes, my current nicknames for Claire:

1. Claire bug
She's little, like a bug.
This one isn't too complicated.

2. Sunshine girl
She smiles a lot, which brightens my days.
Hence, she's my little sunshine girl.

3. Pickle
I think my sister started this one.
Pretty sure she calls all little kids this.
Sometimes I add a little something special
and call her "pickle juice."

4. Smiley Cyrus
This one started when she was pretty small,
just a few months old.
She was smiling one day, and it just sort of rolled off my tongue.

5. Claire bear
It rhymes. That simple.

6. Sister
Or any variation of this- sis, sissy, etc.
This is to practice for the day she becomes a sister I guess.
Or, in case she decides to become a nun.
Also, I used to call my dog Sophie this because she was black and white
and did remind me of a nun.
And since Sophie was cute, and so is Claire... it just happened.

7. Justin
This is reserved for when she has a stinky diaper.
(Told you... silly and wierd)
Here's the story behind this:
Remember the movie Hope Floats starring Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr.?
Well in that movie, Harry Connick's character is named Justin Matisse.
And there is a line in the movie where the little girl says something like
"You stink Justin Matisse!"
Therefore, when Claire has a stinky diaper, she stinks.
And then I think of that line in the movie, and I call her Justin.
End of story.

I believe that concludes my current list of nicknames for my little Justin.
Haha. Justin might be favorite right now.

In closing... here is a silly picture of Claire.
(She takes after her silly mom I think)


Erin said...

Auww I love that little pickle. And all of your nicknames. Cute cute and more cute.

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