Monday, March 14, 2011

Top 10 reasons that I read the Bible

This year, Wes and I accepted my grandpa's
challenge to us to read through the whole Bible.
(Actually, following the plan that he gave us,
we'll be reading the Old Testament once, the New Testament twice,
Psalms twice, and Proverbs 12 times)

Reading the Bible faithfully has always been a struggle of mine.
But, as I have plugged along doing my daily readings 
each day of the year so far 
{I won't lie... I'm 5 days behind right now so I have missed a day here and there... what can I say, I'm not perfect!}
I have discovered some pretty wonderful changes in my life.

Below you will find the TOP 10 reasons
that I am so glad to be reading my Bible consistently.

10. I have many interesting and exotic name options for our next child
 {Wes likes Abilene... I'm not so sure about this}. 

9. I am setting an example for my daughter. Monkey see, monkey do (hopefully!)

8. God has an opportunity to correct me. Yes, I admit it... I mess up.
Sometimes I need a slap in the face (or at least a gentle swat).

7. It keeps my life in perspective. 
Love God, love others.
Our life on earth is only a short blink in comparison to eternity.
This is what really matters.
(Wait? You mean there's more to life
than work, cleaning, cooking, stuff, TV, etc.?)

6. It gives me wisdom. I am able to discern God's perspective
on situations, rather than relying on my owned
skewed viewpoint.

5. My insecurity is shrinking
Knowing God's word= know God= know my value.
More and more, I do not have to rely on 
what others think about me to evaluate my worth.

4. In turn, my confidence in who I am and my faith in who God is,
is Growing!

3. It produces fruit in my life. 
I don't claim to be the most 
loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, generous, and controlled person out there... 
but I do see these fruits coming out more in my life since I've been in the Word daily.

2. It transforms me into a better
wife, mother, daughter, friend, counselor.

And now, for the #1 reason I read my Bible...

1.  It draws me closer to God! Simple.
If my relationship with Jesus is the most important part of me,
I should probably put time and energy into it!
This life is so short in the grand scheme of eternity,
and I pray I don't waste it.

"... a person does not live by eating bread alone, but by everything the Lord says."
(Deut. 8:3)

Be blessed... read the Bible :)

Edit: So since I've posted this, I've thought of about 12 more fabulous reasons that I read my Bible.
Clearly, this list is not at all exhaustive! I'd LOVE to hear from you lovelies about why YOU read the Bible or what YOU love about God's Word. Please comment with your thoughts... who knows, maybe I'll do a follow-up post with all of your thoughts featured!

Happy nesting!


heather said...

Oh Chelsea~What an encouragement!!! I love your reasons! I've been doing a Beth Moore Study (Revelations) and I have been learning so much about the Bible too & why I LOVE it. There is so much wisdom and comfort in it. I seem to need homework to dig into the word and I don't like that about myself. Our small group is doing a BIBLE only study. No helps, no videos, just reading the Bible starting tonight. We are starting with James. I'm excited for what God will reveal. Thanks for your encouragement. What a wise Grandpa to make sure the generations after him, seek God.

Chelsea said...

Heather- coincidence... our small group is reading through James together as well. Same deal, no helps or videos...just reading and discussing!

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