Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Wreath {Tales from Craft Night Part 2}

Thursday night was another edition of 
Craft Night!
I am LOVING this concept.
Food, crafts, and fun girls = a great time!
Suprisingly, we got so into what we were doing
that we barely touched any of the food... not typical (for me at least!).
This month, the craft at hand was a spring wreath.

We used the wreath that I had shown in this post as inspiration.
Also, my sister-in-law had made an adorable
wreath as well that we looked at. And, another great wreath 
to get ideas from is found here.

Here are some pictures of our evening:

{Lovely ladies Victoria and Erin}

 {More lovelies, Amy and my sister Erin}

 {Victoria and me... excuse the glaring glare}

 {Erin and her finished product}

{Wah la... my finished wreath hanging on my front door!}

Now I have Monday night to look forward to...
I was invited to a tutu making party! Yay!

Oh, and if you live near me and would like to know
when the next Craft Night will be, let me know... we'd love to have you!

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Happy nesting everyone!


andi said...

fab, fab! wish i could be there to partake :)

Chelsea said...

Andi- maybe we'll have to arrange a craft night for the next time you're in town!

heather said...

ADORABLE!! I love how it looks with your door color :)

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