Sunday, February 27, 2011

Goodbye Winter- Fresh Ideas for Spring Decor!

I am so done with winter.
The snow was pretty back in December,
but now I am REALLY longing for some green.
{Those of you from the midwest, can I get an amen?}

Time to get rid of this:

{and this}

{and this}

Good bye, and good riddance!
{until November}

Longer daylight hours, melting snow, and 40 degree temps
have me psyched about 
all of the fresh spring/summer
decorating ideas that I'm seeing
plastered all over blogland.

Here are a few that inspire me...

{Love this! It would look great in the entryway makeover that I'm planning, dontcha thing?
Check out how the talented Alison from Oopsy Daisy
made this adorable wall art here}

How FUN is this springy wreath?!?!
Add this to my to-do list...

{See how to make it here at Kiki Creates}

No, I don't have a new nursery to decorate, but if I did, you can bet I'd be making these
bright and cheery personalized nursery canvases...

There is much to love about this spring-ified entryway 

I've been thinking about a big 'G' for our entryway makeover...
maybe a fabric-covered letter would be the way to go?

Aha! This is sort of what I'm envisioning for our entryway!

I could go on and on, but these are a few things 
that struck my eye this week!

I hope you've been inspired!
This week, I'm excited about an upcoming craft night
with my friend Becky and my sister,
as well as Claire's 1st birthday party next weekend!
{pics of both to come}

As for Claire, I think she is ready for warmer temps too,
so that she can play on the new swing set she is getting (shh, don't tell!)
What do you think?

Happy nesting!

5 comments: said...


What a great blog! Your mom passed on both of your links and Erin's - what creative children she has! But then both your parents are movers and shakers! Hope you are having a great year!

Alison@Oopsey Daisy said...

You're just killing me with all of these fun springy ideas!! Oh man, that wreath is a-DOR-able!! Thank you so much for including my spring flower wall art in the mix! Love your blog!!


Chelsea said...

Thanks Brenda and Alison :)

the giggles in life said...

I love those spring ideas you found! Let's definitely do the wreath and the spring flower wall art next month :) Or in 2 weeks, whatever. Craft night here we come!

Erin said...

Great news-I am going to allow YOU to make all of the above for me :) Isn't that exciting??!?! Thanks sis.

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