Friday, February 25, 2011

What's on my mind?

So, I'm sure you are all dying to know what's been on my mind today.
Well you're in luck... you're about to find out.

1. I LOVE babies in sweatshirts. This is a new discovery for me. I put Claire in a sweet little sweatshirt with my and husband's college alma mater plastered on it. It was soo cute, I wanted to eat her all day.

2. Not going to work on Fridays is a-mazing. It's true. I played hookie today. But I had a legit reason. Poor husband is sick (why I call him husband on my blog is beyond me... I never call him this in real life), and all of my back up sitters were either sick or unavailable. So, I got to stay home and play with Claire nurse husband all day. The bad part: I feel a little woozy myself. HOPEFULLY, it's just me being a hypochondriac knowing that I've been around a sick person all day!

3. Birthday parties. First birthday parties. Claire's is coming up SOON and I need to get on it. I am planning on doing a "little sunshine" theme. I've made one thing for it so far, but have a few little projects left. Don't worry, I'll post pictures when the time comes. This thought leads me to my next two:

4. I have commitment issues. Not on major life decisions like buying a house or getting married. But the little decisions get me, like which invitations to choose for Claire's party, what to hang on my walls, what to write about next on this blog. Silly things. Maybe it's because the possibilities are so many, I can't narrow it down. I need to get better at picking something and going with it.

And last but not least...

5. You need to call Shutterfly's customer service number. I had to do this today because I was experiencing technical difficulties when trying to order some pictures online for a project for Claire's party and I'm pretty sure as I'm listening to the help menu, this is what I hear:
"If you would like to track the status of your order, choose 1. If you are experiencing technical difficulties with an order, choose 2." And so and so on, until it came to option 6, and this is what I heard:
"If you would like to hear this menu in a pirate voice, choose 6."
Umm... come again? Did it really just say that?
Well, of course I had to choose option 6 to find out if my ears had deceived me or not.
Don't believe me?
See for yourself: 888-225-7159

Ay ay mateys!
Have a great weekend and happy nesting!


Erin said...

Haha two things..Love Claire in the sweatshirt and two,I can't wait to call and hear this. Better get dialing :) hope wes gets better!

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