Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Mantel + Garage Sale Find

Hey peeps.
Seeing as how it's summer and all,
I thought our house needed to reflect 
this glorious fact a little bit.
And so, without further ado,
this is how our "mantel" currently looks:

I left the main structures the same as they had been-
the spray painted frames and the wreath in the middle.
I got the plant at a garage sale (thanks mom!). 
The plate was a plain white plate 
that I added the bicycle vinyl
to using my handy dandy Silhouette machine.
I had everything else on hand.
I added the little pennant banners to the frames,
and you can't see it well in these pictures,
but each pennant has a letter on it,
spelling the words 
"summer breeze."
I'm still deciding if I think this arrangement
is too busy because I'm
really liking some of the more
simple mantel arrangements
I'm seeing.
But for now, I think I'll keep it around.

I also wanted to show you this little beauty:

{The dresser is the "little beauty" in case you 
weren't sure which item I was referring too :) }

I got her at a garage sale for 
the small price of $15!
Sadly, she was only marked for $10,
but I was deciding if I for sure
wanted her and when I went back
to buy her someone else was just
loading her into their truck.
Luckily, I knew the new owner,
and she said she would sell
this green beauty to me for $15,
so I jumped on it.
The knobs were plain white,
and I added vinyl numbers to them,
again using my wonderful Silhouette.

She has some marks and scuffs on her,
but I just think they add character.
Best of all, she provides some great,
much needed storage space for blankets,
games, coloring books, and 
who knows what else.
For now she's in our living room,
but I could see her migrating to
a child's bedroom someday.

What great garage sale finds have you gotten
this summer?

Besides garage sale-ing and manteling
(pretty sure I just invented a new word!)
here's a few pics of what we've been
up to this past week:

Out to dinner to celebrate summer birthdays with my side of the fam

Our little firecracker showing off her "seafood" :)

Wes and his dad working on Claire's new swing set

Claire snuggling with Ellie (aka squeezing the crap out of her neck)

Splash Pad fun

More splash pad fun, with Miss Haley

Blessing to you,
and happy nesting!


andi said...

love the dresser and so jealous of the silhouette!

Lisa Brooks said...

Chelsea, I am Sara's Sister in law...and stumbled upon your blog! I really enjoy it and started following you.
My blog is at jandlbrooks.blogspot.com!

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