Saturday, June 25, 2011

Craft Night! {Bird's Nest Necklaces}

Hi everyone!
Today was a picture perfect summer day
here in my neck of the woods. 
Claire and I celebrated the occasion
with a trip to the zoo with 
some friends!

Love this sweet little hat!

Cutie pies

Riding the "choo choo"

Now, on to the topic of discussion:
craft night!

Last week I had these super wonderful
friends over to make some
sweet little bird's nest necklaces.

Here's the one that I ended up with:

Love :)

Here are some that the other girls created:

Everyone did a great job!
And the possibilities with these little nests
are endless!
One of my friends had the idea
of making a ring out of her nest,
and another friend suggested
making earrings.

Unfortunately I didn't take step by step pictures,
but if you want to make one of
these sweet little necklaces for yourself,
you can find tutorials 
here and here.

Now go, shoo... be inspired!
Go make something cute,
and when you do, 
share it with me so I can make it too :)

Happy nesting!


Erin said...

Can I just say how happy I am that you are blogging a little more now? Very happy! Also remind me to tell you to change your comment settings..I believe with how you have yours it is hard to leave one bc blogger isn't working right. Love ya sis!

Jolene said...

Your Claire is getting SO big! She is precious! Love the craft idea, not that I have much time to do those things so I will just keep creeping on your blog ;)

sarah said...

The nest necklaces all look lovely!
Glad you enjoyed the tutorial.

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