Monday, May 23, 2011

Preachy time... and a little catch up

Hi bloggy friends!
And so we meet again... finally!
Let's just say my creative juices haven't really been flowing the past few weeks.
Mostly just my school counseling and motherhood juices have been flowing,
and I guess I haven't had much creative energy left at the end of the day.
I'm hoping that this will be a different story in just a few short weeks,
thanks to a little something known as
Whoo hooo!
Just a tad excited.

Oh, and husband and I just got back from a 4 day weekend in Nashville, TN!
Wes attended a worship songwriting conference all day on Friday,
but then we had all day Saturday to do whatever we wanted.
We had a lovely time exploring the area,
eating lots of good food, checking out the music scene a little bit,
and just taking a break from the responsibilities of life.
It was nice. I highly recommend it. 
Claire stayed at her grandma and grandpa's...
she had a blast too, so I'm choosing to shoo away the guilt of leaving
my baby for 4 days.
Besides, it was good for the marriage, and in the end,
it benefits Claire too.
At least that's the way I look at it :)
Here are all 4 pics I took while we were gone.
{I know. I'm a picture-taking reject.}

{Taylor Swift tour trucks}

So the other reason I wanted to post tonight, aside from a quick catch up of my life,
is to share this interesting little passage I came across today
in my daily Bible reading.

"The Lord, the God of Israel, says some of you are keeping things he commanded
you to destroy. You will never defeat your enemies until you throw away those things."
~ Joshua 7:13

What are the enemies in your life?
Financial troubles?
Relationship problems?
Dissatisfaction with your life?

Mine right now?
Probably insecurity would be my biggest enemy at the moment.
Just being real folks.

Now, could it be that I am "keeping" something
that God commands me to destroy?
Maybe a thought or belief?
Maybe an addiction?
Maybe a comfort source that is taking God's spot in your heart?

'Oh, you mean that nagging thought says something like, "I'm good enough."?'
Yeah, that's what I mean.
{Yes, I just had a conversation with myself.}
So what do I do?
Dump that thought in the trash!

I just love this verse right now, because it reminds me that,
even though God already won the ultimate battle over Satan,
I still have some responsibility in the here and now battle.
Satan still wants to take us out... each and every one of us.
But no way, not this girl!
No siree!
And I pray not you either. 
It's so easy to forget that we are in a battle.
Most of the time, it's completely out of my realm of thought.
But the Truth is, we have an enemy, whether we believe it or not,
throwing his ugly, mean little darts at us all. the. time.
But the good news is, we don't have to take the bait!
We have God's Truth to stand on!
I hope this encourages you to take a stand in your battle,
and throw away the things that God is asking you to throw away.
He loves you and  knows you better than anyone,
and He only wants good for us!

Preach is sista!
{Once again, a conversation with myself.}

Night night all!
And happy nesting, of course :)


heather said...

#1 whoo hoo! For re-connecting with hubby and getting away :) So good for your baby girl, so good for you. We try to get away over night once in a while too.
#2 Awesome Taylor trucks....COOL! She rocks!
#3 Your blog post was such an encouragement to me. Thank you for that verse and for speaking to my heart today. (and you didn't even know it) well til now. :) Just what I needed today.

Chelsea said...

Thanks for the comment Heather... and I'm glad you were encouraged! :)

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