Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day! {Silhouette necklace project}

Happy Mother's Day
to all of you special, beautiful moms who might be reading this!
I hope you get a chance to kick your feet up and 
maybe even get a little bit pampered today
because I'm SURE you deserve it...
after all, you are a mom!

A special happy Mother's Day to my own amazing mom!

{Photo taken at last year's Mother's Day family get together. A four generation picture!}

Mom- I don't know how you did all that you did
(teacher, coach, athletic director, kept our home immaculate, spent time with Erin and I,
kept up with the laundry, got dinner on the table, showed up to all of our
events, took us to church faithfully, the list could go on and on...),
but you did it all with excellence and I couldn't have asked for
a better mom!
Thank you for EVERYTHING! You are amazing!

Also- happy Mother's Day to my dear mom-in-law Linda!
Your warmth and love to us are very appreciated,
and you too are an excellent example of what a mother should be!

{Claire with her Grandma Linda}

Now, if either of you are reading this before I have given you your gifts,
please do not proceed any further.
{unless you want a preview of part of your gift!}


Ta da!
Silhouette necklaces of my little Claire's face!
I made one for each of her grandmas.

I saw the idea for these silhouette necklaces @
Julie gives pretty thorough instructions in her post,
and since I'm not patient enough to take
pictures of every step along the way when I make something,
I'll let you read her tutorial if you want to find out how to 
make these guys.
And I'm pretty sure you'll want to make some.

The only thing I did differently than she did,
was color in the silhouettes with a black sharpie after I cut them out.
Otherwise, they weren't completely black.
Also, I couldn't find any chains at Hobby Lobby that I liked with the
charm pieces I picked out (or whatever their technical names are;
I'm not so hot with technical terms)
so I bought a necklace cord kit in black to use instead.
However, I couldn't understand how to afix the clasp pieces
that came with the cord onto the cord, so alas,
I strung some ribbon through the charms as a last resort.
I don't think the result is all that bad though!

I had to make one for myself too, of course!
I'm so excited to take this sweet little face with me wherever I go now :)

So there you have it.
I think these little guys would make sweet gifts for just about any occasion.
Plus, they are quick and easy!
{They will be even easier once my Silhouette SD machine arrives!}



andi said...

so so darling! can't wait to make some of my own cuties! happy mother's day, friend~

Erin said...

I just read your comment and whatever-this post is awesome, you mentioned so many things that I forgot. And now we are acting like we are competing, haha. You'll win every time so I stopped trying a long time ago =) Cute cute cute necklaces though sis. I loved them. Claire has the best mom in the world!

Julie said...

Love your version of the necklace, Chelsea! I'm sure they loved their gifts!

HeartoftheHome said...

Hi Chelsea,

Love the craft ideas. You have a beautiful family. I hope you'll stop by & check out our blog by myself & co-author karen :) Missy

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