Monday, April 11, 2011

A Week Without an Alarm Clock: A Tribute to Spring Break

On the last day of school before spring break,
I told some of my students that I planned on
"practicing for summer vacation"
during my spring break.

Well I am happy to report that I did JUST that!
My week at home was filled with most all of my favorites:
Spending quality time with Wes and Claire...

visiting with the grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles...

{Claire with her aunt Erin}

sprucing up our home...

{Spring "Mantel" Redo}

getting daily exercise...
{I didn't take a photo of this... you don't want to see it}

catching up with friends...

{We got to see Viktor and Kristen, and meet their little Emily for the first time!
Kristen and I are good friends from college, and we hadn't seen each other in 
over 2 years!}

and doing a little shopping.

{Claire loving her new glittery pink shoes so much that she had to wear them around the house with her PJs} 

I also got to experience some fun firsts with Claire:
Her first trip to the zoo...

{Petting the bunny...}

{...and apparently not too amused with the rest of the zoo.}

her first carousel ride...
{bad mommy forgot to bring the camera for this excursion... boo!}

and her first visit to the park!

So fun!

All in all, I was able to return to school today
with a full heart,
ready to pour into the kids at school
and finish strong the last 8 weeks.
Summer break... I faintly hear you calling my name.
Don't worry... I'm coming!

What fun springy things are you up to?

Be sure to check back in later this week...
I'll be sharing some more spray paint fun,
along with my new craft space.
I know, I know... the fun never stops here :)

Have a great week, and happy nesting!


andi said...

i can not wait to see the craft space! i want one too! i'm sure it looks great!

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