Monday, April 25, 2011

Spray paint + Entryway + Easter

Hello friends!

Do you remember when I showed you 
our drab entryway?
Well it looking a little something like this:


Well, I'm glad to say our entryway looks a LITTLE
bit better now than it did back then.

But first, I have to show you a treasure that
I found at a local antique mall.
I forgot to take a true "before" shot,
so you will see it mid-transformation.
Check this out:

Do you think this is as great as I do?
Well just wait... it's about to get much better!

Wah-lah! Our not perfect, but much better than before entryway!
I still need to find some branches or something of some kind
for the tall red vase under the mirror,
but I would LOVE to eventually do a board and batten
treatment to the wall in this area.
But, for now, this will have to do!
I added a basket under the bench, handy for storing Claire's shoes.
I added a framed photo under the hook thingy (forget what those are called),
and I put a bonsai plant, or whatever that is, next to the bench.
I got the plant from my parents' house a long time ago.
The pillow has our last initial on it made from buttons hot-glued onto it.
Here's a closer look:

And, one more look at my fun new mirror!

What are some fun thrifty things you have found lately?

I thought I'd end this post with a few shots from 
Easter Sunday.
This year, the true meaning behind Easter seemed especially
significant to me.
As a new parent, I've found myself wrestling lately
with the idea of death- thinking about what would happen if I or Wes 
were to die and what that would mean for Claire.
Morbid, I know.
But, death is part of life and something we all have to deal
with at some time or another.
Wes, as a nurse, is faced with death regularly and so
hearing stories from him also reminds me of how
fragile our life on earth truly is.
Anyway, all this is to say that this Easter,
it really hit home to me knowing that I can rest
assured that Jesus conquered the grave, and death is not the end,
but really only the beginning for those who are in Christ!
And for those of us left behind when a loved one dies,
we have the great Comforter here who knows our pain
and can offer us peace that passes understanding.
This is truly something to celebrate, and to live our lives for!

Check out this song by Matt Maher...
I hope the lyrics touch your spirit as they have mine.

Here are some pics of our Easter Sunday!

{I think this one is my fav!}

Have a great week, and happy nesting!


heather said...

Great transformation on the entryway!! LOVE IT.

I LOVE THAT SONG! It was played twice at our church Sunday morning...and while I think I heard it before that on the radio, It's my new fav!!! VERY MEANINGFUL lyrics!!!

AND...your little Claire is adorable. Love her little blond curls <3

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